Weekly Update #112

Our weekly Thursday dev blog is ready to roll so lets get on with it 😀

First up is the list of what we have achieved this week:


  • The Two Horn has had her shirt fixed again and is now prepped to be split into 3 parts. We’re trying a different process this time and instead of separating her in Zbrush we’re going to try sending her through a Houdini pipeline that Simon has devised. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • The Ophidia has had more refinements and tweaks. I’ve added some pots and pans to his back and have re-arranged some of the equipment. Simon is currently giving the overall pose a review.
  • We’ve also finished off a few more actions from our last play test but there are still some outstanding items.

Good to almost be ready to print the Two Horn as it would be nice if that was done and dusted. The Ophidia model is an absolute blast to work on I have to say and all his equipment on his back is a hoot (trying to fit lots of little bits on there). Once we’re happy to lock down the pose we can start on the detailing process.

Two Horn Concept 84.jpg

This week I saw something cool come up on kickstarter called Sine Tempore by Ludus Magnus, the same people that made Nova Aetas. As the description says it’s a a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring personalised dice and three-dimensional game elements. The miniatures look awesome and I’d certainly be keen to give it a go.


Bringing our thoughts back to our game, our outstanding to do list for next week is:

  • Test the separation workflow Simon has devised in Houdini
  • Lock down the Ophidia’s silhouette and pose. Finish adding all rough equipment placeholders.
  • Re-write some of the rules we’ve been discussing that need re-wording.

A reasonably specific set of goals this week to help keep us on track as I really want to get the Ophidia model over the line sooner rather than later.

Until next week 🙂



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