Weekly Update #113

Welcome back to the weekly dev report. This week has been a bit up and down for myself so I’ve managed to squeeze a few hours in here and there in between funerals and family gatherings 😉

Unfortunately that means the to do list isn’t as impressive as it should be:

  • The Ophidia’s pose is basically locked down. His equipment has been roughed out, though we might find a few more knick knacks to add later.
  • We had a lengthy discussion on Friday evening about several rule changes we wanted to make to ensure we were on the same page.
  • The wiki has had an update to re-word some of the rules and re-write some of the broken bits.

A broad bit of progress on a few different parts of the game. I still haven’t finished updating the rules as per our discussion, nor have I tested the new implementation of bonus dice but that should be done by next week.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 43
Pots, pans & a roasted duck!

New stuff from the web this week is the news that the release date for latest edition of Warhammer 40k is the 17th of June. They’re coming out with a new box set and it looks really quite cool (https://www.warhammer-community.com). I have in the past played 40k (was a devoted Tau player) but I haven’t played it in ages, so would I’d definitely be keen to give this a go.

As for our goals this coming week, we’re planning to:

  • Test the separation workflow Simon has devised in Houdini for splitting models for printing & casting.
  • Finish re-writting rules
  • Test new bonus dice rolling
  • Re-shape and fix the Ophidia’s anatomy so that detailing can start.

And that brings us to the end of another weekly dev report. I hope you enjoyed catching up with where we are and if you’ve got any comments we’d love to hear them 🙂

Until next week.

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