Weekly Update #115

Welcome back to our weekly dev blog! Unfortunately due to an overly long day at work and a not great amount of Grimwolden Games work done this week the Update blog is going to be a bit short and sharp ;p

First up our list of what we managed to do over the week:

  • We had a good discussion over the dice rolling mechanic, the narrative driven campaign and a few other goods.
  • I have done a few mockups of some new Fortune cards
  • Our designer has done an awesome job of some more banners and has thought up a few new ways to show stuff off which we’re working on implementing.

And that to be honest that’s about all we managed this week, like I said it has been a bit of a lacklustre week. The only silver lining is that it means that this coming week I’ll be forced to focus more and actually work to catch back up to where we should be. Also here’s a view of a new banner Jono has done for us (looks awesome doesn’t it):


In keeping with the short and sharp theme of this blog post we’re rolling straight on to our goals for the coming week:

  • Re-topo the Ophidia’s body
  • Layout buckles and clasps as appropriate on the Ophidia
  • Finish re-balancing the Fortune cards

A reasonably straight forward set of goals for the coming week, though there is certainly other things in my head I’d love to get done too….if only we had more time!

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