Weekly Update #123

We return once again with our weekly Dev update. This week there has actually been some work done! Huzzah!

  • I have started back on the Ophidia’s anatomy and his muscles are really bugging me at the moment. So I’m looking through lots of reference pictures to make sure I nail it, as the Ophidia doesn’t have a lot of clothing on him to hide bad anatomy sculpting.
  • Simon has managed to create a cool render of the sculpts so far (as you can see below), he has also been looking at the Two Horn and the splitting work flow to tidy her up.
  • We have also started looking at doing another print and cast run on for the Two Horn and the Moschops. If we get the Ophidia done in time then we might be able to throw him in too.

One of the hardest things we’re finding with multiple models is making sure that they all look like they belong together and that their scale is correct. Which is why super awesome renders like this from Simon are handy to keep an eye on our slowly growing collection of miniatures. Also that axe is massive!


Rolling straight on to our to do list for the coming week:

  • I plan to finish the Ophidia’s arm muscles and hopefully his back muscles. If I’m really on to it I will also be aiming to finish his fins / spines along his back. Those will be interesting as they can’t be too thin otherwise they will be constantly breaking.
  • Simon will hopefully be able to finish tidying up the Two Horn’s splits.
  • If Simon is flying along he may also be able to squeeze in setting up the cuts for the Moschops….though on second thought it may be better to hold off on that till we hear back on some advice for the best locations to cut him up.

And in between those we might have a look at a few other areas of the game & story that also need some work though they tend to be low priority. A reasonably straight forward coming week provided we actually get some free time for once.

Until next week 🙂

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