Weekly Update #127

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update.

First things first, let’s have a look at what we achieved this week:

  • I’ve tidied up the Ophidia’s giant claws and have retopologized his main body. I’ve also tweaked his fins / spines again after some further feedback from Simon.
  • We’ve had a look through the current Fate deck and Fortune deck to remove any outdated cards and double check where they are at.

At this stage we need to prune out some of the excess cards that have accumulated in the printed out Fate deck (should have around 50 but there are currently 90 for some reason). Mean while the Fortune deck needs a reprint or an evening of putting on sticks to update them up to the latest changes.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 70

Looking at the coming week:

  • I am to start pinching some of the details on his body (tightening up the details of his muscles which are currently a bit blobbly) and finishing off his head. If I’m going that well I might next look at some skin texturing on his tale and back filling gaps on his back.
  • We’re going to trim the Fate deck back to a reasonable number.
  • We’re going to prep the Fortune cards on the wiki so they’re ready for re-printing or stickering the existing ones.

A straight forward week which obviously means that something unexpected will come along and derail our nice and tidy plan.

Until next week 😉

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