Weekly Update #132

Hi there and welcome back to the regular Dev Blog.

Work has been progressing at a steady pace this week:

  • Simon has been busy prepping stuff for Tabletop Simulator. He now has a 3 foot table set up with 1/2 foot boarder around it and a texture that gives everything else a sense of scale. The Fate and Fortune decks are in and working, along with the tokens which have been refreshed. And all the old 1st gen sculpts have been converted and based ready to go in.
  • As a bonus for all the Tabletop Simulator work, all the refreshed tokens are now also ready to be sent to Game Crafter once we’re happy that they’re working well in Tabletop Simulator.
  • The Ophidia is now fully detailed and done. Finally! Now he only remains to be separated into the separate tools for printing and we sign him off as 100% finished.

I’m very happy that we’re basically done with the Ophidia now and as you can see from the below image he fits in with the others pretty well. Also really pleased with our progress on getting ourselves set up on Tabletop Simulator, can’t wait to start regularly testing the game…might even look at regular evenings once a week to run virtual play tests!


Moving swiftly on to the upcoming week:

  • I am planning to set up the splits for the Ophidia so that Simon can run him through the pipe line and we can send him and the others off for a test print run.
  • Simon is going to import the 1st generation sculpts into TabletopSimulator along with the Character cards.

I may have said this last week but we may get lucky and be able to squeeze enough time in this coming week for a virtual playtest considering how close we are. Also on the horizon is the fact that we need to start thinking about our next sculpt to move on to and we’ve already got one in mind for us…the slinky Sarcos.

Until next week 🙂

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