Dev Update #280

Ahoy and welcome back to another of our dev blog updates!

This week we’ve been busy catching up and plotting further developments along with story feed, logo development and card updates.

First up we had an excellent catchup with Jono, Luke, Simon and myself. There we went over the story / lore that Luke has been working, gave some feedback on the rough shape of it and set some deadlines for the next review. We also then between us planned what we’d be doing next and set a date for the next group catchup 🙂

Also done this week, the Grimwolden Games logo took another step to being completed. It’s looking good but Jono and Simon had some minor tweaks they wanted to play with so we’ll see how that one goes in a few days.

Next, the Isogorean’s equipment card deck has been under renovations. Their backstory and theme had always been weak so now with their updated (and much stronger) theme / backstory we’ve been going through and re-working the names of the cards. We started out with a list of key words and are now generating a list of new card / ability names that we can re-apply to the abilities. I’ve taken that a good way but now need to get Simon in to start reviewing some of the names and weeding out the weak options.

Gazing into the future we might end up taking this dev post more fortnightly to match our new fortnightly catchup meeting but that’s still a wait and see. As for what we’ll actually be working on, Luke has 2 months ish for the next pass of the story, so we won’t be hearing from him for a while. Jono is on Logo and then card designs. Simon has to get feedback out and I need to finish the Isogo equipment cards and get back into finishing the Vvou sculpt.

Until next time, take it easy folks 🙂


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