Dev Update #281

Welcome back once again to the Dev Update 😀 good to see you back again.

Its been a busy 2 weeks for us here at Grimwolden Games and gives us plenty to post about.

First up Jono has finished our Grimwolden Games logo and it is looking awesome. That should shortly start appearing here and there on our posts and websites. Sticking with Jono, he’s also been hitting it out of the park with the icons for abilities and skills, those are now done…if not for the fact that Simon and I have just tweaked things and added another ability to the Isogoreans.

Speaking of the followers of Isogo, they’re cards have been updated, tweaked and re-fluffinated. We’ve given them a sharper focus for how they play, which should help guide players when choosing what to do with the characters. We’ve removed boring and bland ability names such as ‘Ground Smash’ and replaced them with some more thematic name like the awesome ‘Power Thrust’. I am really enjoying the Isogo faction now, they feel good, solid and fun.

Following on from fluffing up the Isogoreans, Simon and I have also been in deep discussions on the factions as they’re discussed in Luke’s story he’s writing for us ‘Wylk’s Journey’. We had some issues with the people in story being dismissive about other factions and it didn’t come off how we’d like. That and anything else Simon could think of has been feed back to Luke to make sense of (good luck) and then update the story.

Also seeing updates was the Vvou sculpt. I’ve booted up the laptop and dived back into the sculpting. Took me a few minutes to figure out where I was last but now I’m humming along. With all the legs and torso done, I spent my time finishing up the Musket and flintlock mechanism. It’s looking chunky, print / castable and cool. Next up on the plan is to finish the arms and head (which will only leave the cape and hoops left).

Other loose ends that were tidied up included Simon getting together the latest information to redo the Peregryn blurb, I reviewed the ‘Slice of life’ short stories Mark B has written and I’ve also put together the information for Mark B to whip up some newsletters for the Faith and Flintlocks site (of which he’s already done one draft woo!).

All in all it’s been a really good 2 weeks and I’m already looking forward to what we’re aiming to achieve by our next milestone. Stay tuned to hear how we go with our plans for the next fortnight!

Until next time, take it easy 🙂


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