Gaaresh Ophidia

The Ophidia are, in a word, large. Gargantuan beasts with the heads and bodies of massive constrictors the shoulders and arms of body builders and the intellect of a sausage. Ophidia can be found the world over working as menial labour toting whatever needs toting, hefting whatever needs hefting, and occasionally punching whatever doesn’t deserve punching.

Dev Update #288

Hello, hi and welcome back once again to our regular Dev blog. We’ve been trucking along well with more 3d print tests, a bit of painting, sculpting and even rule updates! First up I need to make sure I don’t bury the lede, as such check out the minis below! As you can see they’re … More Dev Update #288

Dev Update #287

Ahoy all! We’re back once more with our latest dev update. I missed a post last month so we’ve gone a litter longer than usual without an update but fear not, that just means we’ve got even more to talk about with this post 😀 First up we’ve setup our mailing subscription on the Faith … More Dev Update #287

Weekly Update #262

Ahoy dear readers one and all, welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts! Its been a relatively good week for us so far. First up Jono has been busy working out the final kinks with the new Faith & Flintlocks website. Once that site is up we’ll probably have to do something about … More Weekly Update #262

Weekly Update #261

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a good week or at least continued to survive the dumpster fire of 2020 😀 As for us we’ve actually had quite a productive week. We’ve been through and tidied up some more of the fluff and marketing for the new website. The … More Weekly Update #261

Weekly Update #256

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back once again 😀 Another week of more happenings. The vvou has had more work on her, with some tidy looks boots now completing her ensemble. Jono has also been busy finalizing art and reviewing the website. In addition Simon has be prepping our latest character to highlight…the hulking … More Weekly Update #256

Weekly Update #227

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back once again to the weekly dev post. Unfortunately I couldn’t pull anything together for last week’s post due to life and responsibilities but that’s ok as this week we’ve got a super cool sample from a first pass on our rulebook to share. But before we get to the … More Weekly Update #227


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