Art Dump #65

Welcome back to the regular Sunday Art Dump where we show off some our new and interesting concept art, in progress sculpts and anything else art related that looks cool 😀 First up this week is an update on the Two Horn’s sculpt. As I mentioned in the weekly update, we’ve reposed her to help … More Art Dump #65

Weekly Update #86

And we’re back once again with the Weekly Update to let you know how the development is going. This week was good but couldn’t compare with last weeks blistering pace. So what did we get done this week? We found time for another play test. The now slightly balanced Isogorean tanks up against the over … More Weekly Update #86

Art Dump #62

We’re this week with a doozy of an Art Dump. First up some awesome speed sculpts from Simon who was working at the Media Design School booth at Auckland’s Armageddon this weekend. Next out of the blocks is the latest Two Horn work in progress. She’s now got her boots, her weapon, some details slowly … More Art Dump #62

Art Dump #61

This week we’ve got some progress with the 3d sculpts to show off. First up is the awesome work that Daniel Holland is doing on creating the Two Horn’s muskaxe (musket axe). He’s managed to get a sweet chunky feel to the weapon, with some cool notches that help it look aged and worn. Next … More Art Dump #61

Art Dump #56

It’s Sunday and time for the Art Dump! This week I’ve got some random sketches and a bit of non related Z-brush practice. First up is a random spider-esk creature inspired by another miniature game I used to play when I was younger. So far it’s just a fairly basic sculpt but it was pretty … More Art Dump #56

Art Dump #47

We’re back with the regular Art Dump. Now I expected to have a high res posed version of the One Horn ready but I have run into some troubles with the Transpose Master plugin in Zbrush and now I keep getting an error when I try to re-apply the posing to the high res subtools … More Art Dump #47

Art Dump #46

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Art Dump here at Grimwolden Games. First up is an update of the One Horn sculpt that we’ve got happening. As you can see he’s starting to look pretty tidy. Though I’m not liking the satchel and will have to redo that but for the moment it’s probably … More Art Dump #46

Art Dump #45

On time, on schedule and not failing at blogging this week! We’re back with the Art Dump for the week that was. First up is a continuation of the One Horn Sculpting series. Below you can see my progress. I’ve retopologized all the parts you can see here, though I’m still working on the hand … More Art Dump #45

Art Dump #44

Bugger, it appears my ability to use wordpress has failed me again! This post was created on Saturday, scheduled for Sunday but failed to upload >_<. Apologise folks, but better late than never ;p Its the Art Dump back again for another week. This week we’ve got a sneak peak at the blocked out Rhorlan … More Art Dump #44