Weekly update from the 7th of May

Finally found some time to write up our weekly round up of success and failures. So I have to apologise, not only was I unable to post as regularly as usual but we also didn’t make as much progress on the game as we had planned for this week. But never the less we soldier on.

Achieved this week:

  • A successful play test and run through with friends
  • Trial of the reworked Fate Deck
  • Trial of the Cinder and Mime faction deck
  • Talked through the background / fluff with a friend who will be doing some writing for us.
  • I produced more concept sketches for the Wou
  • Simon started on the Pup sculpt

So while it wasn’t quite what we planned to have done, it was still invaluable progression. Also Simon will be doing a post on the play test sometime soon (should be a good read 🙂 ).

On to the goals for the coming week:

  • Complete the Wou sculpt
  • Simon to Complete a sculpt
  • A initial concept done for the exploration deck
  • Along with a new concept done for a scenario
  • Complete the Lucky breaks for the Fate Deck
  • Strech goals: Hantu faction deck (lower priority now than the scenario / exploration), background, more sketches and sculpts.

Completing the exploration deck and scenario will bring us that much closer to a completed game system. Exciting!

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