Weekly Update for the 2nd of July

Good evening all, once again its time for our weekly update πŸ˜€

No meeting this week but we are catching up this coming weekend and hopefully we can discuss the game a bit. But on to our success for the past week:

  • Initial sculpts of the Pup, Shrubber and One Horn have been re posed and re equipped to match their new starting weapons.
  • A first draft of the blurbs for the initial weapons has been written.
  • The Mime Faction Deck has been mostly re-worked but unfortunately the other decks have not really been touched.
  • Simon has been busy preparing the initial sculpts for a test 3d print.
  • Simon’s also been looking at the Character and equipment card layouts.

So while I had aimed to have all of the Faction Decks redone it turned out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated. But never fear I have a plan! My plan is to borrow the current Decks from Simon, and then sit down with all the cards and lay them out for sorting and stacking. I believe it will be much quicker for me compared to trying to reorganize them in our wiki.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Finish reshuffling the Mime Deck
  • Reshuffle the Cinder Deck
  • Simon to post pictures of the Drazz
  • Continue to concept more game name ideas
  • Simon to continue redeveloping card layouts
  • Stretch goals include: Reshuffling of Hantu and Isogo Decks, Reprinting of cards, 3d printing of initial sculpts

Along with those goals but not going up on the list (as it greatly depends on how much time we both have), I’m hoping to get another play test in with Simon this coming week to test our recent modifications to the game and double check that it all works the way it should.

Until next time πŸ˜€

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