Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of September

A lighter than usual Art Dump due to drawing of non-project specific things and due to general life being what it is 😛

But enough of excuses, on with the show. First up is a not too shabby sketch of a Two Horn. Overall the shape and the features are looking pretty good. The weapon was quickly sketched as she needed to hold something, but it looks suitably large and imposing. Armour shape and how it sits needs a bit of work I think, but that requires iterative development over the same base image to see how it looks.

Two Horn Concept 28So speaking of iterative development I’ve started painting over the above image. Added hair, which I forgot to draw in the sketch. Briefly coloured in the weapon. But what I plan to do is play with the armour and how it looks. I think she looks quite cool, and hopefully next week I’ll have a few different variations to show off.

Two Horn Concept 28_BAs always if you’ve got any feedback or ideas let us know 😀

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