Weekly Update from the 17th of September

Another week bites the dust and we step ever closer to the end of the year. This past week has been rather busy both with Grimwolden work and with normal life so I’m rather chuffed that we have managed to update most of the cards. This week we:

  • Revised the Fate and Exploration Decks
  • Did a quick revision on all of the Faction Decks (Mime, Isogorean, Hantu and Cinder)
  • Exported, printed and cut all the newly revised cards
  • Reprinted the gang rosters for a play test tonight (they didn’t really need updating to work well)

Turns out updating 200-300 cards takes longer than you’d think. Mostly its trying to make them funny or thematic that takes the time. You find yourself going over and over the same card because its just not quite right, then you look up, find its surprisingly late and remember that you’ve got to be up early for work the next day. But on to our goals for this week:

  • Upload a post on our latest play test
  • Add any and all notes to our wiki
  • Continue to develop the Rhorlan and Shelonians for final production
  • Any miscellaneous updates that may crop up from the play test
  • Come up with a plan for the next month (in terms of play test dates, things to be done, etc)
  • Stretch goals: Rough out some art of the area where the story will be taking place, background information.

Sounds fairly simple and straight forward…kind of. Ah well at least there will be some awesome gaming and play testing tonight 😀

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