Weekly Update from the 10th of September

Its only a day late, its still good its still good.

The main reason for my lateness was Simon and I managed to have our regular meeting last night and spent many hours discussing and reviewing cards along with a brief discussion with our writer friend who is whipping up some great stories. So what have we achieved this week:

  • Built a rough plan / pipeline for taking the Rhorlans and Shelonians through the development process. Thinking about it we should probably record how long it takes finish them so we have a better idea of hours required.
  • Developments continue for the Rhorlans and Shelonians.
  • Simon has photographed and uploaded some awesome pictures of our rough rev1 test prints.
  • Caught up with the writer and nailed down some fluff information for him.
  • Reviewed all the Exploration, Fate, and Faction Cards and weeded out all the ones that are approved and set aside the remaining ones for some fixing.
  • Set up a playtest with our testers for next Friday evening (fun times!)
  • Went over what we require to have ready for the playtest.

All in all a rather good week. Though it does leave us with a rather busy coming week getting everything prepped in time. Aims for the coming week:

  • Continue to develop the Rhorlans and Shelonians.
  • Mark to revise the required cards for the Fate, Cinder and Hantu decks.
  • Simon to revise the required cards for the Exploration, Mime and Isogorean decks.
  • Mark to re do the gang roster sheet for friday
  • Any new tokens and cards to be printed for friday.
  • Stretch goals: Rough out some art of the area where the story will be taking place, background information.

As I said a potentially busy week. But hey wheres the challenge if its an easy week every week :p

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