Sunday Art Dump for the 18th of October

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some cool sculpting progress, a colour over or two and some concept poses.

First up this week is a screenshot of the Two Horn sculpt that I’ve started. The hair is just thrown in quickly but the rest of the big girl is coming along nicely. I will need to do more detailing and refinement but I’m tossing up whether to wait and figure out the armour and equipment first or just dive straight in to detailing her as it stands. I think deciding on the armour and equipment will probably be the best step as then I will only have to detail what isn’t hidden by other details. The Two Horn is very much a bottom heavy girl in the vein of cartoon viking opera singers. Still some things that I feel need tweaking but I’ll get on to that soon.

Two Horn Concept 32

Up second is another wip shot from the One Horn this time. I’m feeling quite good with his overall shape and mass, and can’t wait to see him in an awesome pose with some sweet gear.

One Horn_Rev03

Up third today is a quick paint over concept using the above image as a base. Not sure whether the jacket will stay (as we were talking about making it more of an aviator jacket), but the open shirt and exposed muscles look will probably stay in some form or another.

One Horn Concept 45 colour over

And finally today is a page of concept poses for the One Horn. To get some good ideas for poses I went through existing models looking for reference till I found some interesting poses for the One Horn. Some are stronger than others, but let me know what’s your favourite and why.

One Horn Concept 44 Poses

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