Weekly Update for the 22nd of October

Time again for our regular weekly progress update. We’ve been busy pushing forward on design elements with a slight detour into fluff and background creation yesterday. So on to what we actually managed:

  • One Horn has a dozen different outfit / equipment concepts ready to sort through. The Two Horn has been back into Zbrush to reshape her slightly but some outfit concepts are coming along already.
  • Shelonians are coming along with a Pup sculpt now under way.
  • A meeting was had with our awesome writer friend, and we explored some of the background of the game and the world.
  • Our website homework has been worked on (many reference websites have been added to our reference list).
  • The Rulebook and Reference cards have been printed out for a review.

Not a bad week, but I would like to be doing more (but then again isn’t that always the case 🙂 ). So one thing we didn’t manage from last week’s list was the Logo discussion and we’re hoping to fix that in the coming week. Aside from that I have to say that doing a lot of concept drawing and concept sculpting is feeling quite rewarding these days, obviously I’m not a super duper 2d artist but none the less its still fun to try and put down what’s in your head. But enough of that, on to the week ahead, we plan to:

  • Arrange and have our Skype chat regarding Logos
  • Finalise Rhorlan equipment and gear concepts
  • Continue to develop Shelonians
  • Practice sculpting armour and equipment for later use
  • Create a list of what is required before we do more play testing with a wider audience
  • Stretch goals: Clean up some of the art regarding the city, add more background information.

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