Art Dump

Only one day later than usual but I’m sure it must still be Sunday somewhere in the world?

First up is my second version of the One Horn concept outfits / equipment. For this we took ideas that worked from the first ones and added to them. We went with more of a Indiana Jones feel but not quite as modern. Slapped belts, buckles, pockets and pouches on them to make them look like prepared explorers. We stayed away from large bits of armour as we felt that it wasn’t really what an average exploring, adventurer One Horn would wear. If you have any personal favourites let me know, as for myself I have a few I like (A, D, G and K).

One Horn Concept 46 Concept SpreadUp second is a 3d sculpt of a chunky sword or bladed weapon. It was made from start to finish in Zbrush which is cool. I quite like this chucky style and I think it could translate quite well to a miniature.

2015_10_28_Weapon Tutorial

Up next are two concept sketches of some more weapons, done in the style of the above sculpt. Might have to try sculpt these in Zbrush as well sometime!


One thought on “Art Dump

  1. Looking good mate.
    I have to say, I think “H” is my favourite. Has a nice of prepared/kick ass adventurer vibe going. Though his shows are a bit light…

    Special mention to “B” who looks cool, but maybe a little bit gold prospector/crazy hermit guy. He has cool pants.

    I do like “D” ‘s jacket with the metal plates.


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