Weekly Update for the 29th of October

So where has October gone? It seems like slipped past before I knew it was even halfway gone. Soon it’ll be christmas and then before you know it it’ll be the new year! Feels like there are so many things to do over the next few weeks before the end of the year. But before we get to that lets see what we managed this week:

  • First up we’ve had a meeting and reviewed the current concepts for the Rhorlan and Shelonians, worked out what works and what really didn’t look so good. We also discussed what we want the outfits to say for the characters (or at least for the One Horn).
  • We also agreed more or less upon a style of modelling for the miniatures. We’re going for a stylized look with sharp lines and clean silhouettes, making sure it looks cool and grounded yet not too realistic.
  • Added more reference websites to our web development spreadsheet, as well as roughing out what we actually want displayed on the final website.
  • Created a list of what we will require for future play testing with new people.
  • We also set a deadline for having that stuff ready by (27th of November I believe)
  • Discussed our world and reaffirmed our commitment to a fun, interesting and colourful world.
  • Reviewed a print of our Rulebook. Looked snazzy at A5 and almost everything was readable, though a few rules needed tweaking (or at least the writing of them).

Always good when we can get together and discuss the game and any outstanding issues that creep up with it. Not truly game related but I have been practicing hard surface modelling (weapons, etc) this week, with the intention of using said skills to create our interesting and stylized weapons for the miniatures. So look out Sunday for the Art Dump with an image or two of those sculpts. Now on to our next week:

  • Arrange and have our Skype chat regarding Logos
  • Lock in a rough equipment and gear concept for the One Horn to start modelling
  • Continue to develop Shelonians
  • Refine the information required for our scenarios in the Rulebook (as per our discussions on what was needed for future playtesting)
  • Stretch goals: Clean up some of the art regarding the city, add more background information.

Hopefully Simon and I can arrange our times this week so we can chat with our Logo developer, who we are probably meeting up with on Sunday anyway (so that should work out well). Aside from that we are working through things quite quickly and I really want to have that One Horn done and dusted as soon as possible. Not only because its nice to finish things but also so we can use the model to show off what we’re working towards 🙂

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