Art Dump

Not quite as organised as last week but its amazing what you can achieve when you’re awake early in the mornings (thank you to my daughter).

So what interesting developments do we have in store for this week? First up I thought I’d show what one of my quick doodle pages looks like. This was done a while back and I was exploring the idea of a model with tentacles. I didn’t know what kind of tentacles or where, so I used this page to hash out some quick concepts._Concept_Base_04.jpg

Up next are two expansion character concepts that I had in my head. The snake looking guy is similar to the Ophidia so could be some how related. The other character is some sort of large beast with many small creatures riding on it. It would count as one model for the game but the opportunity is there for some cool traits or abilities with it.Snake_DudePeople Mover

And finally for this week we’ve got some One Horn musket concepts. My favourite is number 3 due to its chunky feel and different angles (though the brace half way up the barrel could use some work). Let me know which one you think is the best.One Horn Musket_v2.jpg


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