Weekly Update

Once again we’re back with our weekly developers update. Its been a busy week…mostly busy with life’s normal chores unfortunately but we’ve still pressed on where possible. The result of this is our list is looking a little less impressive than normal. So what did we manage to achieve?

  • We completed and finalized a weapon concept for the One Horn
  • Completed and finalized a weapon concept for the Two Horn. These can both now be sent to Matt for updating the character art.
  • I completed 2 and a half ‘how to draw X character’ documents
  • Several rule questions have been resolved and updated

I swear those ‘how to draw X character’ documents are taking exponentially longer for each one as I get towards the last few. You’ll notice the distinct lake of a play test or catch up noted above, unfortunately due life being a rather unpredictable thing we’ve had to reschedule that for a wee bit.

With all that said and done, next week we’re planning to:

  • By hook or by crook I’ll be completing the final ‘how to draw’ documents
  • Do some concepts for more character’s weapons for Matt
  • Simon is going to whip up some illustrations for the rulebook to explain certain scenarios
  • Potentially meet and catchup for planning and playtest
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki.

Not particularly exciting stuff I have to say but it all needs to be completed unfortunately. After the ‘How to draw’ documents are finished I think we’ll be looking to get back into 3d sculpting, especially since we now have final character designs and poses to work from.

I’ve got one final thing to add for this post. Through my subscriptions to many interesting blogs I found this gem of a post in my inbox this morning:


Its totally worth a read if you are considering trying to publish games or boardgames, heck even if you’re just interested in the cash flow aspect of getting a game published its a good read. Check it out.

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