Art Dump #35

In this weeks episode we continue with the weapon concepts and a cheeky sketch of a Wou (or at least Wou-esk).

First up are our weapon concepts for the Elder. Getting on in age as he is, his weapons are now mounted into his dual walking sticks. The practicality of reloading them may be a bit challenging but then again being a walking mountain of ever growing armour can’t be that easy either. At the moment we’re looking at number 8 as our favourite, what do you guys think?


Up next are some weapon concepts for the ethereal Wou. The Wou is a weird alien humanoid and I wanted the weapon to look different to the standard muskets of the others. The only issue is that they would still be stuck with the same level of technology so its still going to be a black power musket. Still I think some of these have potential. My personal favourite is probably number 6, how about you?

Wou Donderbluss_V4

And lastly this week is a quick sketch up that is Wou-ish. I say Wou-ish because while the head is definitely that of a Wou (lacking the rear of a head), the body is too human. She should have more exaggerated features and proportions. But it looks cool as it was so I thought I would tidy it up for fun 😀


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