Art Dump #42

Another Sunday Art Dump bursts on to the scene.

First up this week is the continuation of Cinder faction sketches, however this one got clean up treatment. I’m quite liking the big floppy hats and staff. I think the bison horn-esk top of the staff makes it look quite cool and also slightly cowboy-esk, which I’m cool with.

Cinder Characer Concepts 07.jpg

Lastly for this week (we’re a little light on the art dump this week :p), is a speed sculpt of a Two Horn. Not the best and I didn’t get the hair done in Zbrush but it was a fun attempt. I think she needs a lot more work, but the basics are there and you can definitely tell she’s a Rhorlan πŸ˜€

Two Horn Concept 40bjpg.jpg

That’s all for this week, hopefully next week’s art dump will have some more meat to it πŸ˜€

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