Weekly Update #64

Here comes the Weekly Update hot off the press.

So what was looking like a quiet week for myself in fact turned out to be slightly busy week at work dealing with engineers, drawings and other such fun 😦

But on the bright side we’ve still managed to make some progress:

  • I have started reworking the Rhorlan One Horn. Took a little while to work out where I was last at with him, but I have to say that he isn’t actually looking too bad. Next step is to start roughing out the new outfit for him.
  • Another concept of the website has been started. Spent a while going back and forth between the last concept and my friends design feedback.
  • The Faction Look and Design Board has continued to grow. Most of the growth has been around the Isogoreans but the Mime’s and Hantu have also been added to. Spoiler alert, I’m liking the idea of bonnets for the Isogoreans 😀

So that pretty much wraps up what we’ve been doing over the last week. Looking forward to getting the One Horn done this time. No more distractions! Here’s a quick refresher so you can see where he got to last time before things came to a halt:

One Horn Concept 51_Equip WIP_05
Current One Horn Design before Re-working begins.

Do any of you have some suggestions for where to get this guy printed and cast once he’s done? I’ve seen a lot of high quality stuff from Ownage, but I’m also looking at MaxMini.

What’s next on the plans?

  • Full steam ahead on the One Horn. Another bold call here, I want to have his outfit roughed out with at least place holders by next week.
  • Finish off the next website concept so it can be reviewed.
  • Continue to add information to the Faction Design Board. This is more of a part time thing that’s easy to do during lunch at work and also helps me focus my daily sketches towards something helpful.

Game on for myself! Lets hope I can step up and find some more time for Faith & Flintlock work! Also I’m looking forward to Simon getting some more time free for Faith & Flintlocks after Tuesday when he’s scheduled to give his final presentation. Full steam ahead for Grimwolden Games! 😀

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