Weekly Update #70

We’re back again, continuing to soldier on πŸ™‚

So its been a mixed bag of a week. Some good days of work and some days where I just couldn’t find the time to even turn the laptop on. The good new is:

  • We’ve basically locked down the basic pose for the One Horn and now we’re down to adding detail and fixing small issues (giving him some facial expressions, filling in gaps for casting, making more awesome, etc).
  • I’ve also achieved the stretch goal for this week (woo!) and have started to put together (or at least note down on paper) additional fluff and information about the characters / races. So far I’ve only started with the One Horn but I plan to slowly expand to the other characters.

The not so good news is that Simon’s Moschops sculpt is currently sitting on his PC at work and he’s been home all week. But hopefully he’ll be back at it next week. He’s also been in contact with our artist and I’m told work will soon begin on a character image for the Ophidia (heck yeah!).

One Horn Concept 61.jpg
Basic pose (less satchel and leg pouches) of the One Horn

So what’s on the radar for next week then?

  • I plan to finish posing all the small items and get a review of him done with Simon. From there we’ll be able to see where we can push him more.
  • Simon is going to make a start on the Moschops, or at least stick him on our shared folder so I can put up some sweet images of the work in progress.
  • Stretch goals: Write up some more information on the Two Horn character (thinking of noting where they came from, what they are like, how tall they are, etc).

Much the same as last week but now the One Horn is rapidly progressing towards completion! After the One Horn is done I’ll probably have to review what else needs desperate attention but will definitely consider starting on the Two Horn sculpt.

Until next week πŸ™‚

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