Art Dump #54

It’s the Sunday Art Dump on time and ready to go. This week we’ve got the final sculpt of the One Horn to show off.

As promised I have finished the One Horn’s sculpt on the 21st (today). He isn’t decimated yet and nor is he combined into a single mesh but the actual details and sculpting is all done. So lets have a closer look at this charming chap.

One Horn Concept 69_complete.jpg

Above are some overview shots showing him dashing forward. My favourite parts of the sculpt are his head, musket (thanks Daniel Holland for the sweet base mesh!), pants and his equipment on his back. The equipment came together really fast and I never had to redo it much. What I had the hardest time with was probably his hand wraps (mostly due to my lack of practice) and also getting his pose to have a sense of weight and gravity to it.

Below are some random close ups of different parts of the sculpt. The gun turned out pretty well I think, slightly stylized and yet still recognizable.

One Horn Concept 69b_complete.jpg

Well that’s it for the Art Dump this week, until next time 😀

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