Weekly Update #81

We’re back again with the weekly update blog, delving into the week that was.

First up, apologises for not getting an Art Dump for last Sunday but the week got the better of us and between Simon and myself we didn’t have anything remotely ready to put up.

Secondly, we’re rapidly approaching getting our first miniature printed, moulded and cast! We’re just looking at which option to go with currently but will be deciding shortly. We’re probably looking at a small initial test run of about 10 casts just to get a feel for the process and what not.

Next up lets break down what we’ve achieved over the week:

  • All our folders and data have been backed up and zipped. All ready for re-structuring and purging of useless data.
  • I’ve been busy with the Two Horn re-shaping her and getting back into the flow of things. I’ve so far been struggling with roughing out her shape and braids. I’m considering whether it might be easier for me to just start posing her and sculpting in pose.
  • Simon has been putting together some more cool renders that we can use later as promo material (and they look pretty dang cool).

Ok progress this week but it’s been a bit of slog to get there with both Simon and myself having to stay late at our jobs to finish things and then also trying to find time to work on Grimwolden stuff.

She ain’t no little girl ;p

So what are we aiming for this coming week?

  • I’m still pushing to get the Two Horn shape roughed out and start adding basic details over the top.
  • The Moschops will be getting a bit more development
  • We’ll be restructuring our folders and data structure
  • We’ll be making a call on getting the One Horn printed and cast

An average sort week for us it looks like, hopefully regular work plays nice this coming week. For the Two Horn I’m just going to have to push through the areas that I’m struggling with as I know the end product will look awesome (easier said than done though haha).

Until next week folks 🙂

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