Weekly Update #83

It’s that time of the week again folks where we bring you the wrap up of the week that was.

First up I’ve noticed that I made a small whoops with last week’s weekly update, titled it number 81 but it was actually number 82!

Secondly, oh man this learning how to cut up a model for 3d printing is starting to do my head in. I’m fairly sound on the theory but now that I’ve gone down a certain path I’ve noticed that I’ve lost some of the quality of the sculpt. And now I’m just trying to re-project that lost detail back onto the model but that’s causing other issues because the high res model is now slightly different to the cut up model. Argggh software issues!

But enough of my moaning, onto the list of accomplishments:

  • The One Horn’s cuts have been tidied and cleaned so they work, now I’m just struggling with quality issues that to be fair might not even be noticed once it’s printed.
  • The Moschops has now got the correct number of fingers (seriously pay attention to your concept art haha), spikes and a face lift. Next Simon is moving on to posing and then clothes.
  • Unfortunately the Two Horn hasn’t had any progress this week 😦
  • Simon has been playing around with Houdini (another 3d piece of kit) and stitching together a pipeline that should work for all our future sculpts and should also minimize any painful quality, scale or cutting issues.

All in all Simon’s had a good week, however I’ve been lagging behind a bit as you can see.

One Horn Dif Res.jpg
Spot the difference. It may only be minor but it’s bugging the heck out of me lol.

However looking to the next week I’m planning to turn my production around, as such our goals are:

  • Continue to develop the Moschops by making a start on posing.
  • Finish the One Horn for production, send it to Zealot Miniatures to check that it’s good to go and then start with the printing and casting.
  • Rough in the clothing and symmetrical details for the Two Horn.
  • Potentially organize a playtest between Simon and myself to get back into the game development side of things (though that may be next Thursday or Friday).

So there you have it, a rather ambitious week ahead for myself. But I need to make a big push to get the Two Horn back on schedule for an end of the year completion.

Until next week folks 🙂


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