Weekly Update #96

Welcome back to our weekly updates. We’ve been slowing getting back into the swing of things and getting back into development mindsets. I’m just about done with the Two Horn and then I can focus on getting things in order for extensive play testing as that is our next weakest link I believe (aside from the lack of an awesome website ;p).

So what exactly have we actioned over the last week?

  • I done a stock take of the Two Horn’s sculpt and it looks like it won’t be too much longer before she is complete. Though I will probably finish the details on her and then hang fire before we break her up into separate castable pieces.
  • I have finished her belt and started looking at her equipment on her back that is all tied to her belt. Hopefully the belt should look good printed and be easy to dry brush.
  • Our writer friend has sent through an updated draft of the fluff / backstory he is writing for us. And I really enjoyed reading it. It’s one thing to have these places in your head it’s another to read about the stories, people and adventures in these places.
  • I have put together a couple of pages for a draft of our campaign booklet. It outlines the differences between individual scenarios, the campaign and our expeditions (linked scenarios). I have also drafted up a page with an example expedition. Need to get simon to have a review of it and then perhaps we can post it up for some feedback.


A slow but steady week by most standards. But one interesting thing to come up is the latest monthly challenge from the folks over at Sketchfab. This month’s sculpting challenge is to create a tabletop model for a wargame, which sounds right up our alley. So we’re going to attempt to put together something for this but also equally cool is that somehow they have chosen to use our One Horn model as an example piece on the blog about the challenge. So cool to see our model’s being used! Here’s the link to the sketchfab blog:


So now looking forward at the week to come:

  • Simon is going to have a review of the campaign booklet and our ideas.
  • We are going to put together a basic model, posed and roughed out for the Sketchfab competition. This model is going to be fairly rough and ready but it will still be from our Grimwolden world so that it’s not wasted effort.
  • I will be working on the Two Horn as well, though I don’t know how much time I will have for her given that the deadline for the challenge is the 6th of February. But if I do get time I intend to finish her hatchet and shove on her back, stretch goal is to finish all her rear equipment.
  • We will both do a review of the latest draft from our writer (meant to do it this week, whoops!).

And that’s about it for our actions for the coming week. Fairly sculpting heavy for me. Hopefully it all comes together well and if I get any spare time I might look at developing the campaign rules some more.

Until next week folks šŸ™‚

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