Art Dump #74

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day.

As noted in our last update we haven’t really dived back into the 3d sculpting again yet, but I thought I’d put up a pic to remind you how far we’ve come so far. I meant to include Simon’s awesome Moschops sculpt but I couldn’t find the files I wanted quick so for now it’s just the Rhorlans running rampant.

Rhorlans on patrol

Next up are some more sketches. The below one appears to be some sort of snake / lizard man dude. Note I say ‘appears to be’, this is because I was literally just doodling and this guy appeared. Looks fairly interesting but I think he’s too close to our Sarcos concepts and ideas to be considered for an expansion race.


This next sketch is some sort of Moukin variant (both the Tyton and Peregrine are a subspecies of Moukin). This time I went with more of a crane or swan like next and head, though the body is fairly similar to the Peregrine’s proportions. Head is probably too big though haha.


And lastly this week I’ll leave you with a little picture of us enjoying the Saturday that has just past. Not work related but its an absolute ton of fun to play Twilight Imperium.

A well spent Saturday!

Any boardgames you’d recommend to us? And also if you’ve got any feedback on the sketches or the sculpts we’d love to hear.

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