Art Dump #75

It’s art dump day! Welcome back. This week we’re going I’ve got a few concepts to run through for our entry into the sketchfab monthly challenge.

So we’ve decided to roll with the Sarcos for the base mesh as we have a roughed out basic body of a Sarcos that we can use as a starting point. Next I’ve found some concept art I’ve done of Cinder themed Sarcos characters, so I figured why not try that!

First up are some rough pose ideas. I quite like the top right pose as it’s rather dynamic and we have a model of the musket we can re-use.


Up next is another rough pose concept. This time I tried to push the Cinder theme with the pantaloons, lantern and conquistador helmet. It’s not a bad pose but I’m not sold on it. What are your thoughts?


Up next is an earlier Cinder concept I did using the Sarcos character. I would be looking to do something like this with the arm bandages (they get burnt a lot), helmet, lantern, loose shirt, etc.


And finally this is what our sarcos base mesh currently looks like in a rough pose. He looks rather cool but the mesh is super rough. Also the legs are far too spindly after our last print, so he will be getting a fair bit of tweaking.


That brings us to the end of the weekly art dump. Hopefully by next Sunday we will have a completed model for this challenge so we can just back on to our regular development.

Until next time 🙂

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