Weekly Update #97

We’re back as per usual with our weekly development update. This week has been good but I’ve been mostly tied up with getting a model done for the Sketchfab monthly challenge I mentioned last week (and we’re nearly there!). But looking at our goals from last week we:

  • Have put together (mostly put together) a Sarcos sculpt, decked out in a Cinder theme. I’m liking the model we’ve got so far and there is so much more we could add to him but due to time restraints we’re going to have to focus on getting what we’ve got good rather than layering more things on.
  • I unfortunately have not had time to touch the old Two Horn this week 😦
  • I’ve had a second reading and am typing / writing up a review or markup of the latest fluff from our writer.

The Sarcos sculpt has so far been a lot of fun (apart from one or two program crashes >_<). We took our base model and reposed him, reviewed and then reposed him again. We’ve now got some clothes on him, a bit of equipment and an awesome musket that we’ve re-purposed for this sculpt. He does look like a bit of a front heavy model but it was just too cool of a pose to refuse, and as a backup we may sculpt some terrain or ground around his rear leg to give him a bit more grounding and area to glue to. Let me know what you guys think of him. I’ll be posting up a run of work in progress images that I took through the sculpt on the Sunday Art Dump.


As for our goals for the coming week:

  • We are going to complete and upload the Sarcos sculpt to Sketchfab. Actually this has to happen by the 6th of February to qualify for the challenge.
  • Simon will have had a review of the latest fluff.
  • We will send out review to our writer friend so he can continue to forge ahead with the awesome stories.
  • I will get back on to the Two Horn sculpt and start to finish off some of her equipment pieces.

And that about sums up our goals for next week. One thing I’d love to do but don’t know if I’ll have time is to do some more playing with the campaign rules and maybe do a bit more prototyping of it (making cards, maps, etc). Actually I’ll make a point of outlining our ideas for the campaign play on the next weekly update. That way we’ll have a chance to get some feedback and makes sure I put some more effort into the concepts!

Until next week folks 🙂


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