Weekly Update #117

This week on the Weekly Update we’ve got some surprise sculpting from Simon, more progress on the Ophidia and even some rules work!

It seems we’ve somehow managed a week of maximum effort, great work us! To break it down we:

  • Finished all the belts, clasps and straps for the Ophidia.
  • Filled all the awkward spots under the Ophidia’s belts which go over the backpack.
  • Detailed up the Chest on the Ophidia’s backpack and basically almost finished his equipment. The only things outstanding are making sure the bottles, baggies and extras are properly attached to his belts.
  • The Ophidia’s bracelets have also been completed.
  • Simon has had a massive week of sculpting which very handily lined up with a week of teaching character sculpting at his work >_>. So as you will see in the image below the Tyton is racing along and looking very cool.
  • The new tweaks to the Fortune cards are 90% done with the only exceptions being the new gold values, 5 new Minor Relics and a few renames.

So yeah a really good week for us. I am stoked! Do I still think the Ophidia is on track for being completed by the end of June…well it’s going to be close I would say. One thing I have noticed from all this sculpting is that we appear to be getting faster at producing the models, which can be seen in the Ophidia sculpt and the below Tyton sculpt.


So with such an impressive week behind us are we going to be able to keep it up? I’d like to think so, as such here are our goals for the coming week:

  • The Tyton will be posed and further detailed.
  • The Ophidia will have all equipment properly attached as per final model.
  • The Ophidia’s anatomy will have been retopologized and more detail added.
  • The Fortune deck tweaks will be complete.

Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze all that into next week (fingers crossed!).

Take it easy until next week 😀

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