Weekly Update #238

Ahoy dear readers!

Welcome back again to the dev blog for us here at Grimwolden Games. This week we’ve been rather productive!

First up Simon has been busy diving back into the files. He’s sorting through our Drive storage, arranging the latest sculpts / trying to find them and starting them on the run for a 3d print test. All going well we’ll have some cool models for our next play test.

Me on the other hand, I’ve been busy with the cards. I finished off the Mime & Isogorean cards, I’m particularly happy with the Battle Rattle you’ll see below 😀 And I can now say that all the Faction cards are done and uploaded to the game crafter ready for printing. This only leaves the character cards, Fate & Fortune decks to go. Speaking of the character cards I’ve already started toying with the layouts and it’s proving tricky to get the pictures that I want on the cards along with all the associated text.

The full set!

Aristeia at James

Also this past week Simon and I took a detour to try Aristeia from Corvus Belli, the company behind Infinity the miniatures game. It’s basically a combat sport of the future, but one of the interesting additions to the game was that characters respawn after a cool down period. It was super fun and provided some fresh inspiration and ideas for Faith & Flintlocks!

Looking at next week I plan to have all the character cards done and dusted and will have moved on to either the Fate or Fortune deck. I’d love to have everything ready for a reprint by mid March. Simon will hopefully be getting the printers cranking and possibly getting back to the Peregryn sculpt as well.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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