Weekly Update #101

Wait it’s already Thursday again? Bugger that week went fast! Though it tends to do that when you’re stuck doing 14 hour work days here and there. But enough of my excuses, on with the show! Our progress for the week: Simon and I managed to find a few minutes to go over our immediate … More Weekly Update #101

Art Dump #77

This week on the Art Dump, more pretty renders! First up Simon has put together a super awesome coloured render of our Sarcos Cinder sculpt that we entered in the Sketchfab monthly challenge. Unfortunately our sculpt didn’t win but on the bright side at least we now have a really cool Sarcos sculpt and renders! … More Art Dump #77

Weekly Update #95

It’s now 2017 and we’re back in action! After much relaxation, sun, snoozing and boardgames we’re getting back into the swing of normal life. Though I think we’d both rather be back on holiday 😉 But over that holiday period we did manage some thoughts, ideas and a few chats about Faith & Flintlocks. We … More Weekly Update #95

Art Dump #70

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week we’ve got just the one picture to show, though I suppose I could have done a few separate up close shots to show the different areas, ah well next time maybe. Without further ado, here is our latest Two Horn developments: Now it might be a … More Art Dump #70

Art Dump #69

Ahoy and we’re back with the weekly Art Dump, this week with more 3d pics! This week I’ve been pushing hard to get the Two Horn done and through out the week I’ve been taking update snapshots to share my work in progress. So with out further ado lets dive into to this week’s art. … More Art Dump #69

Weekly Update #86

And we’re back once again with the Weekly Update to let you know how the development is going. This week was good but couldn’t compare with last weeks blistering pace. So what did we get done this week? We found time for another play test. The now slightly balanced Isogorean tanks up against the over … More Weekly Update #86

Art Dump #61

This week we’ve got some progress with the 3d sculpts to show off. First up is the awesome work that Daniel Holland is doing on creating the Two Horn’s muskaxe (musket axe). He’s managed to get a sweet chunky feel to the weapon, with some cool notches that help it look aged and worn. Next … More Art Dump #61

Art Dump #58

We’re back once again with the regular Art Dump! First up this week is a sketch I did while trying to get into the right mindset for sculpting the Two Horn. So far this sketch is closer than the sculpt as to how she’s meant to look >_< Up next in chronological order are my … More Art Dump #58

Weekly Update #81

We’re back again with the weekly update blog, delving into the week that was. First up, apologises for not getting an Art Dump for last Sunday but the week got the better of us and between Simon and myself we didn’t have anything remotely ready to put up. Secondly, we’re rapidly approaching getting our first … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #80

Hello one and all and welcome back to another weekly update blog. This week we’ve been diving into the exciting world of project management and folder structures! Not the most glamorous  parts of a project but one that is starting to become a pain for us (our files and folders have just kind of grown … More Weekly Update #80