Art Dump #82

It’s Sunday and we’re back with our usual Art Dump. This week we’ve got some more 3d renders of the  Two Horn and some concept art for something that ties into the story that is currently being written. First up are some renders of the Two Horn. Now these aren’t fancy pancy Simon quality renders, … More Art Dump #82

Art Dump #76

It’s back at last, our weekly Art Dump! This week we’ll be walking you through our development of the Sarcos Cinder concept sculpt that we have done for the Sketchfab monthly challenge. As you saw last weekend we had some rough sketches and a rough base mesh. From there we went through several iterations. First … More Art Dump #76

Art Dump #70

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week we’ve got just the one picture to show, though I suppose I could have done a few separate up close shots to show the different areas, ah well next time maybe. Without further ado, here is our latest Two Horn developments: Now it might be a … More Art Dump #70

Art Dump #69

Ahoy and we’re back with the weekly Art Dump, this week with more 3d pics! This week I’ve been pushing hard to get the Two Horn done and through out the week I’ve been taking update snapshots to share my work in progress. So with out further ado lets dive into to this week’s art. … More Art Dump #69

Art Dump #67

We’re once again back with our latest Art Dump updates. First up is some more work on the Two Horn. Here she is now in a pleated skirt ensemble. This actually helps add some interest to that area rather than being just a large flat area which is sometimes a pain when it comes to … More Art Dump #67

Art Dump #66

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump time! First up is a small update to the Two Horn. The most obvious thing in shot is the fixed up collar which now actually looks like a collar (bonus!). The shirt still needs to be re-topologized and then detailed up, which will help take care of the … More Art Dump #66

Art Dump #65

Welcome back to the regular Sunday Art Dump where we show off some our new and interesting concept art, in progress sculpts and anything else art related that looks cool 😀 First up this week is an update on the Two Horn’s sculpt. As I mentioned in the weekly update, we’ve reposed her to help … More Art Dump #65

Art Dump #64

This week on the Art Dump we’re a little light on new and interesting pics to show off. What we’ve got this week is an update shot of the Two Horn. Here I’ve added some stitches and seams to the skirt to break up the large detail-less areas, which will help make it easier to … More Art Dump #64

Art Dump #62

We’re this week with a doozy of an Art Dump. First up some awesome speed sculpts from Simon who was working at the Media Design School booth at Auckland’s Armageddon this weekend. Next out of the blocks is the latest Two Horn work in progress. She’s now got her boots, her weapon, some details slowly … More Art Dump #62

Weekly Update #85

It’s Thursday once again and we’re back with the Weekly Update. This week we’ve got some exciting developments to share. First up it’s been a great week for progress. Unbelievably good in fact. The One Horn has been printed for moulding and casting The Two Horn is in pose with a rough layout of equipment … More Weekly Update #85