Art Dump #95

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some work in progress shots of the Ophidia. First up is a pic from earlier in the week with him showing off his new snazzy buckles on his shoulder straps. Next image shows some more details on his waist belt and some studs on the belt going … More Art Dump #95

Art Dump #94

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got a few sketches and an updated WIP for the Ophidia. So to start this blog off here is the aforementioned WIP for the Ophidia. As you can see he’s sporting some snazzy new straps / buckles on his left shoulder bag. I think they’ll … More Art Dump #94

Weekly Update #113

Welcome back to the weekly dev report. This week has been a bit up and down for myself so I’ve managed to squeeze a few hours in here and there in between funerals and family gatherings 😉 Unfortunately that means the to do list isn’t as impressive as it should be: The Ophidia’s pose is … More Weekly Update #113

Art Dump #91

Another Sunday evening Art Dump fresh off the press. First up are two sketches showing some more brainstorming for the equipment on the character back. I like the idea of his back having lots of little parts that will show up well when he’s painted. Currently I’m liking pots, pans and other cooking equipment. As … More Art Dump #91

Art Dump #88

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got some sketches of the Ophidia I did to try and understand how he was posed, his anatomy and his equipment . I find it’s handy to have as much reference as possible when sculpting so if that means drawing the character from multiple angles … More Art Dump #88

Weekly Update #108

Welcome back to this week’s dev blog. Once again we’ve been busy squeezing a few extra hours into Faith & Flintlocks development after work and between daddy duties. But what have we achieved this week: Simon has done more work on the Moschops, continuing to fix him up. I have started roughing out the Ophidia … More Weekly Update #108

The Art Dump

Its back again and only 1 day late, here’s the Art Dump for the 6th of December. First up this week I’ve got the follow up to the One Horn head shots from last week, this time its a whole page of head shots. I started from number one and then kept tweaking bits here … More The Art Dump