The Art Dump

Its back again and only 1 day late, here’s the Art Dump for the 6th of December.

First up this week I’ve got the follow up to the One Horn head shots from last week, this time its a whole page of head shots. I started from number one and then kept tweaking bits here and there. The interesting thing I find is that all of them look Rhorlan, its just slight variations like the kind you would normally if you looked at random people. If you’ve got any favourites from the selection below, let us know.

One Horn Concept 50_Zbrush Busts.jpg

Up next is a quick doodle of our mighty Ophidia. I figured it had been ages since I had sketched him last and I was itching to draw something other than Rhorlans. This time I even looked at giving him facial hair for some reason or another.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 28.JPG

Lastly for this week we’ve got some cool shots of the test prints after they’ve been sprayed grey and given a bit of a highlight. They look much nicer now and you can even see some of the details better. Simon has even coloured the arcs on the bases so its easier to see where you’ve hit them. Funny thing to note, now that we’ve painted them, looking at them on the tabletop they actually look like normal unpainted plastic models 🙂


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