Weekly Update #79

And just like that another week flies by and we’re back with our regular Thursday weekly update. This week has been rather productive and I’m chuffed with all our progress 😀 We managed to: Go through how many hours it took to do the One Horn sculpt and then using that as a baseline put … More Weekly Update #79

Art Dump #54

It’s the Sunday Art Dump on time and ready to go. This week we’ve got the final sculpt of the One Horn to show off. As promised I have finished the One Horn’s sculpt on the 21st (today). He isn’t decimated yet and nor is he combined into a single mesh but the actual details … More Art Dump #54

Art Dump #52

We’re back with the Art Dump for another week. No fancy pieces of finished art work this week I’m afraid. First up is a small facial study for the One Horn. The reason for it is because I’m trying to decide how to finish off the sculpt and at the moment his head has no … More Art Dump #52

Art Dump #50

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week I haven’t managed to find any interesting renders of our sculpts we’ve been working on. So to make up for that I’ve gone searching through our vast library of random sketches and concepts to show you some pics of things that may eventually become miniatures one … More Art Dump #50

Art Dump #49

We’re back with our latest art / renders here with the weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got some more pretty renders of the One Horn as he fast approaches being done. Couple of things I’ve added recently (or since the last render): Fixed the shoulder strap and its interaction with the collar Added belt … More Art Dump #49

Art Dump #47

We’re back with the regular Art Dump. Now I expected to have a high res posed version of the One Horn ready but I have run into some troubles with the Transpose Master plugin in Zbrush and now I keep getting an error when I try to re-apply the posing to the high res subtools … More Art Dump #47

Art Dump #46

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Art Dump here at Grimwolden Games. First up is an update of the One Horn sculpt that we’ve got happening. As you can see he’s starting to look pretty tidy. Though I’m not liking the satchel and will have to redo that but for the moment it’s probably … More Art Dump #46

Art Dump #44

Bugger, it appears my ability to use wordpress has failed me again! This post was created on Saturday, scheduled for Sunday but failed to upload >_<. Apologise folks, but better late than never ;p Its the Art Dump back again for another week. This week we’ve got a sneak peak at the blocked out Rhorlan … More Art Dump #44

Art Dump #42

Another Sunday Art Dump bursts on to the scene. First up this week is the continuation of Cinder faction sketches, however this one got clean up treatment. I’m quite liking the big floppy hats and staff. I think the bison horn-esk top of the staff makes it look quite cool and also slightly cowboy-esk, which … More Art Dump #42