Weekly update from the 30th of April

Welcome to another weekly update 😀

This week we managed a meeting of sorts on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday catch up. It was a good chance to take stock of where we are and some goals for the coming weeks. On to what we have achieved this week:

  • I completed the Two Horn Concept sculpt
  • I started looking at the Wou sculpt but had to go back to silhouette sketching to find something cool
  • Simon completed the Elder concept sculpt
  • The about page was updated
  • Posted up a bit of information about the game and where we’ve started from
  • Started reviewing Trello for project management requirements

So yes last weeks goals may have been a tad bit ambitious but we still managed to move forward which is awesome. This coming week however will probably be no different as I will be helping some friends with the 48hour film festival over the weekend and Simon has no computer because of the 48hour film festival. A fun but busy life 😀

So this week we plan to have done:

  • Hantu Faction Deck
  • 1 more sculpt from myself
  • 1 more sculpt from Simon
  • Finish fixing the Fate Deck

I would say we should be able to achieve these goals, which is just as well as we have a play test with friends scheduled for this Thursday along with our weekly meeting. Can’t wait!

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