Weekly Update for the 3rd of September

Wowzers we’re already into September? I guess time flies when your working on fun projects like this 😀

Enough with shenanigans you say, on with achievements of the week:

  • I continue to push the Two Horn along. I’m starting to feel quite comfortable with her design so I’m thinking I need to start thinking about poses next.
  • Simon continues to develop the Shelonians.
  • Character blurbs have been added to the Races page.
  • The Faith & Flintlocks page has been updated to include some information on mechanics and how the game is played.
  • The quick rules have had an update but still need to be reprinted at some stage.

So we continue to prep the game for more play tests, but we first want to have one more test with the new 3d printed models. Mostly because we want to play a game with them first but also to do a few double checks of things. We’re trying to schedule that play test in as soon as possible so it will probably happen by the following weekend (fingers crossed). Aside from that what we are aiming for by next Thursday:

  • Come up with a solid plan for the development of the Rhorlans and Shelonians. We already have a due date, but I myself need a few more guides and milestone so I can stay on target.
  • Continue to develop both the Shelonians and Rhorlans
  • Have a catch up with our writer about the story is weaving (or at least the bare bones he has laid out).
  • Have a review and make sure the Cinder and Isogo faction decks are thematic enough.
  • Stretch goals: Attempt a review of the Mimes and Hantu regarding themes.

One thing that does need to be done but I won’t put up yet as we’re not so great at it, is making the website / blog look prettier. At the moment it works and we have a place for our information but would be cool to have a slick looking website. Ah well I’m sure we’ll get to it sometime in the near future 😛

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