Sunday Art Dump for the 20th of September

Once again we are here at the Sunday art dump. This week has been crazy with the late night card revisions, play testing and of course life. So in light of all that I’m happy to even have something to put up here, even if it isn’t bucket loads of awesome.

First up is a continuation of last week’s colouring exercise. Playing around with the colours is super fun, trying to figure out what her armour is actually made of is not quite as easy haha.

Two Horn Concept 28_C

Lastly this week is a profile sketch of the Two Horn in all her glory. Tried to work the braided hair into and see how she looked. Its cool and odd at the same time. It certainly helps her femininity but also makes her slightly more human-ish. I also made the horn / nose protrude out further this time which I’m not 100% sure of.

Two Horn Concept 30As always if you’ve got any feedback or ideas let us know 😀

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