Weekly Update for the 24th of September

Here we go again with our weekly update report on all our goings on. So last Friday we had another great play test, managed to find a fair few loop holes and had an awesome time. All of the tokens worked super well and along with that the latest revision of our cards were sleeker and easier to read…well, most of them were. All we need now is a decent rules book, quick reference cards and some time, and then we’ll be ready to start testing the game with even more people. But on to our usual list achievements for the week:

  • Had a play test along with all the great after game discussions that go along with that
  • All notes have been transcribed to our wiki
  • Simon has been developing the Shelonians
  • The Rhorlans however have had a slow week with limited development

So a good week with the play test but a bit of a slow week in terms of other general developments. With every big week comes a slow week and that is perfectly normal. As long as our passion and drive keeps us pushing forward I’m confident we’ll come out with an awesome game. With that said our goals for the coming week are:

  • Apply all updates as per play test notes
  • Come together on a plan for play test schedules
  • Plan a rough rules book and Reference card
  • Continue to develop the Rhorlan and Shelonians for final production
  • Stretch goals: Rough out some art of the area where the story will be taking place, background information.

Easy peasy right? 😀

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