Sunday Art Dump for the 4th of October

Another Sunday art dump full of Rhorlan One Horns, huzzah! :p

Now while I usually post hand sketches and doodles, I thought this week I would take some time, jump on to a pc and do a line up of different outfit concepts for the One Horn.

On the left you can see the base concept for the designs and the rest were then generated as I went. For reference I was looking at quite a few Trollblood miniature designs from Privateer Press. I was also not wanting to use much metal or plate armour given that these initial models will be more generic civilian level people who have signed up to join a gang, rather than hardened veterans. Though because this particular model has a military background, I thought some heavier armour could be appropriate. I also tried to implement previous designs used in the Two Horn concepts (see here), this came through on the 3rd and 4th designs with the flared plates secured with some sort of belt / wrap. I quite like the look of the coat on the 3rd design along with the gloves on the 4th.

One Horn Concept 40 pose Line upAs always if you’ve got any feedback or ideas let us know 😀

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