Weekly Update for the 1st of October

Already into October and still slogging away 😀

This week we’ve managed to progress on a variety of fronts:

  • All updates from playtest notes have been implemented in our wiki
  • We have agreed upon the need for expanded playtesting (though the schedule for that is still loose at this stage)
  • The shelonians have had some awesome development (as you may have noticed from the cool posts)
  • Rhorlans are coming along slowly this week, with the one horn remaining the focus
  • A proper rulebook and reference cards have been discussed

Along with all that swell stuff, we have also been talking to our web designer friend who is helping us to make this website even better. She has given us plenty of homework which we are currently procrastinating on but will surely get on to over the next few days. Also our other designer friend continuous to wow us with some Grimwolden Games company logo concepts. So plenty of cool things happening but as for what we’ve got lined up for next week:

  • Complete our website homework (links to references and styles we like, and a plan for what we want)
  • Agree on some feed back for the logos
  • Rough out a rules book and Reference card
  • Continue to develop the Rhorlan and Shelonians for final production
  • Go over style guides, clothing and ideas for our models and designs
  • Stretch goals: Rough out some art of the area where the story will be taking place, background information.

We’re planning on having a catch up tomorrow evening, which should allow us to hit out many of the above goals early this week. Fingers crossed we get through what we need to discuss.

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