Sunday Art Dump for the 25th October

Good evening, good morning and hello. Another weekly art dump with a few choice pictures to share.

First up I have a slight rehash of the Two Horn, which after discussing with Simon already needs some reworking. She probably needs a smaller head and hands, possibly some better curves and to raise her head higher.

Two Horn Concept

Second and lastly for today I have a spread of 12 different costumes / outfits drawn over the One Horn. Now I’m not often called upon to do a lot of concepting like this, so this has been a lot of fun but also a learning curve as I get used to the ways of concepting again. For this attempt I basically just used cool armour or equipment I have reference pictures of and then drew that over the top of the One Horn. Just trying to see what styles suit him and what ones don’t. If any of the designs are stand outs let me know.

One Horn Equip Spread

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