Weekly Update

Welcome back to the weekly update for the 26th of November. Another week filled with the desire to work but usually lacking the time to do so. Though this week we did manage a meeting between Simon and myself on Monday where we were able to plan our next set of play-testing (currently scheduled for next week) and what we need to have done for then. So what did we manage then?

  • Compiled the Website Design Guide
  • Rulebook has started to be reviewed
  • The One Horn’s face has had a working over and we now have one refined version. Still need to iterate slightly but otherwise its looking good.
  • Simon has sprayed and dry brushed the existing test prints for future play testing. (they now look spiffier!)
  • Simon has also marked out the front, side and rear arcs on each of their bases for easier recognition during game play.

And there you have it. Not quite what I had written down last week but still not a bad little collection of things done. Hopefully this coming week I can step up my sculpting speed and hurry up and push out the One Horn! I don’t believe I will find enough time to complete it but I would sure like to have it a lot further along than it is right now. On to our goals for the next week:

  • Review the Website design guide
  • Review the Branding guide
  • Finish iterating on the One Horn’s face and hands
  • Assign pre-made gangs ready for play-testing. 4 gangs of 3 members, with each gang designed to exemplify the particular faction they are setup for.
  • Lock in a date for or actually complete some more play testing.
  • Stretch goals: Faction Blurbs reviewed, One Horn equipment sculpted, Rulebook fully reviewed, reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written.

Judging by the amount of stretch goals for the coming week I can see that I certainly have a lot of things I want done. How do you all find the time to manage your workloads and normal lives, let me know if you’ve got any tips or tricks for keeping on top of things 😀


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