Weekly Update 10th Dec

Another week bites the dust for us here at Grimwolden Games and as always here’s a quick recap on the week that was.

  • We had a play test between Simon and myself. Tested out the 4 pre-made gangs and truth be told, they were mostly successful. The Cinder failed to fire, mostly due to long range weapons that took too long to use despite their awesomeness. The Hantu were interesting and apparently annoying to play against with their ‘we’ll be back’ attitude. The Mimes were sneaky, fast and oh so well dressed. While the Isogoreans maxed out our current supply of hit point tokens, and then simply walked up the middle of the table. All in all it was a great night with many things learned and noted down.
  • The rough pass of the One Horn’s equipment is around half done. With the majority of the shape there. It all requires refinement, buttons, bolts, and other details to be added but its coming along nicely.
  • Multiple cards and wiki pages have been updated as a result of the play test.
  • Simon has had some fun with the 3D printer creating another piece of terrain for our tabletop.

So while unfortunately we haven’t managed to play and test games with outsiders yet, perhaps we’ll be able to manage it next week? or at the very least sometime in the near future. So where does that leave us with out goals for next week:

  • Complete the roughing out of the One Horn’s equipment
  • Do a quick concept of the One Horn’s weapon
  • Fix the One Horn’s hands (they’re currently rather gumpy)
  • Finish tweaking the Pre-made gangs with new or altered equipment
  • Review the Website design guide
  • Review the Branding guide
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written.

And finally a quick nosey at the 3D printed terrain I was mentioning earlier:

Wooden Palisades Print 01.jpg

Pretty spiffy eh!

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