First of our weekly updates for 2016

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a safe and happy time. We’re now back on deck and starting to wad through our piles of work. Over the Christmas and New Years break we both took a little time away from the game and development. I know I certainly didn’t do much except read, walk to the beach, swim and relax. But Mark I hear you say, didn’t you have a list of things to be done by today? Yes, yes I did. And you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made a good crack at the list, in between holidaying that is. So what have we managed? We have:

  • Finished re-tweaking the pre-made gangs. (Cinder has had some weapon swaps)
  • The website design guide has been reviewed and is ready for sending out
  • The branding design guide has been reviewed and is ready for sending out
  • Simon has made contact with our artist friend, and we’re waiting to hear back.
  • Simon has been drawing more shelonians
  • The character design guides have been reviewed ready for an artist to see them
  • I have cleaned some of the 3D printed Terrain and have splashed a bit of paint on it, to see how it comes out (came out not too shabby!)
  • We have been supplied with some of our writer’s writings for review. So far the story is looking promising and the world is sounding awesome.
  • And I have been drawing things that haven’t been Rhorlans for once (and what a breath of fresh air that has been :D)

Not too shabby of an effort I reckon. Its funny what one can achieve when they find a little spare time from the normal rat race. But onwards and upwards as they say. In the coming week we are planning to:

  • Prune our pinterest boards so that they are relevant reference for our characters.
  • Rejig the Cinder deck to account for the new ammo types and remove some of the swords in favour for guns or searching equipment.
  • Start to detail some areas of the One Horn
  • Continue to develop the Pup concepts
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written, clean the rest of the 3d printed terrain.

Now there may possibly be other things happening this coming week as well but at the moment I can’t think of any and its well past my current bed time. As for our long term goals for this year, I would like to think that the game will be heading to kickstarter or other crowd funding alternative later this year, though the precise date is as yet unknown. In our more immediate future however I am super excited by the possibility of getting some professional level art work done for us, I really can’t wait to see our characters looking awesome in some pictures.

So with all that said, here’s to a fun filled 2016 🙂


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