Weekly update for 14th Jan

Good news everybody, we’re still here and truckin’ along. Why so upbeat you ask? Well we’ve managed to put together our character brief for our potential artist and things are looking good so far. So what else have we been up to this week?

  • We’ve had a review of our pinterest reference boards and they were mostly good and a few were pruned here or there.
  • The Cinder deck has been re jigged to account for some new fire ammo and weaponry that has been added recently.
  • Smion did a great job putting together the character brief (I know I mentioned it before but thought I’d bulk out the list and stick it in too). It was created back in late 2014 I believe and since then a good many things have changed, so it was awesome to see it up to date again.
  • Simon has been pottering around with the occasional Pup concept.

The one thing I didn’t get done from the previous list was to start detailing the Zbrush sculpt of the One Horn. This was mostly due to life and work being rather busy but I was thinking perhaps its a good idea to wait to see how the character art turns out to make sure that it matches. But I can attempt to do a sculpt of his weapon, and then even if it doesn’t match we have that for later use. Which brings us to our goals for the next week:

  • Do a Zbrush sculpt of a potential One Horn’s weapon
  • Continue to develop the Pup concepts
  • Concept up ideas for kickstarter stretch goals
  • Double check status of our rulebook and update / review if required.
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written, clean the rest of the 3d printed terrain.

Now as an added bonus here’s some pictures of one of those 3D printed fences that is now painted up and table ready.



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